UFC 200


Did anybody else want to see his head get taken clean off?

The real shame in the Jon Jones fiasco, is that this became the featured and most talked about, bout. You can only think that this was placed in there because the card had not been plagued by injury, or USADA bust, and the UFC were starting to get nervous. I guess it’s a good job they did put it on from a monetary point of view, without having it to fall back on, it could have been disastrous.

I guess I really wanted to see Brock Lesnar be humiliated because he brings the type of casual fan to MMA that I can’t stand, whose conversations on Pro wrestling and how they’d beat *insert MMA champion here* in a street fight make me want to walk into traffic. The real issue here is, he’s proved them all right. Which is what knocks me sick. The fact that this fight overshadowed Eddie Alvarez Vs Rafael Dos Anjos, which was on two nights previous, for the lightweight title, on Fight Pass of all things (I understand why they’ve done it) knocks me sick. Give me Alvarez, Lauzon, Aldo, Gastelum, anybody over some overweight bodybuilder who thinks he can swan into the UFC and smush Mark Hunt (can you tell I’m bitter?)

I think at the source of it all, it’s the cockiness. MMA always seemed to me to be something that if you work hard at it, you see results, yes there’s obvious athleticism and fast twitch muscle fibre that you’re born with, but even the losers seem to find a way to win, through sheer hard work, so when a Brock Lesnar comes along, it winds me up, and I can only hope that another hard worker can put him in his place in the future, which brings me to the one positive point of Lesnar, he reaaaaaalllyy opens up the heavyweight division, sometimes you only need one person to really mix things up and give a division some new life, for instance, Daniel Cormier joining the Light Heavyweight division. Who did Jones even fight before him?

As for the other fights, it was a pleasure to see Velasquez look like his former self and a real contender again in the heavyweight division against Travis Browne, which also goes for Jose Aldo, who looked like a murderer. Let’s hope McGregor can and chooses to make it back down to featherweight once the Nate Diaz situation has been dealt with. I guess we all knew what was going to happen with Anderson Silva and Daniel Cormier, it was just a shame to see, even with that scarily painful body kick late in the third round. As for Meisha Tate, she did not look like herself, but maybe Amanda Nunes is just that good? Maybe.

This is my first foray into writing since my GCSE in English and a short story I started writing two years ago which I still haven’t finished. In future posts, expect more rants, some very nonsensical MMA math, and frequent stories about how well I get manhandled in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes at my local gym (Middlesbrough Fight Academy, those who know, know). In the mean time, send me some hate mail all you WWE fans.



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