Getting your ass to the gym

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There’s no secret to success, there’s just hard work. Some people show up, others don’t. This last week, I’ve been in the don’t category. I’ve had a pretty bad chest, felt pretty terrible, and didn’t fancy infecting my training partners either, now, I’m all good now, but face another issue. This one is a mental issue rather than physical, and it’s all about getting through the front door of your gym.

Something which I still struggle with, even just when training, is nerves. Sometimes I get nervous just walking to the gym. Wondering who’s going to be training, what’ll be covered, how I’ll do in sparring/rolling. It’s crazy, I must have walked through the gym doors hundreds of times, but it still gets me. However, if I let it get me, I’d never have trained anything, ever.

The whole point of this I guess, is aimed at people that are maybe interested in doing some form of martial arts, but have never gotten round to trying some out. It can seem intimidating, but what I’ve found is that every gym that I’ve trained at, there’s been nothing but nice people there, everyone was a beginner once, and 99% of people understand that, and will talk you through things, and won’t just smash through you. Certainly, most coaches will recognise what level you’re at and make sure your training partners are suited towards you. Most Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gyms have beginners/white belt classes for sure. If you want to try something, don’t let fear hold you back. My only regret with training is that I didn’t start earlier. I maybe spent a year watching MMA and reading about Jiu jitsu, Muay Thai etc before I actually started training, and that’s a whole year wasted, where everyone else is getting better. I also believe there’s really something to be said for overcoming adversity, it make you a better person and to be able to be much calmer under stressful situations, and something like a martial art or lifting weights can help you do just that.

Same goes for the regular gym too, the hardest part is just getting up and going, once you’re there, the battle is almost won. Just don’t run back out of the door.

As for me, I’ll be back at Jiu Jitsu tonight, probably nervous because I’ve had a week or so out, curious as to what will go down, but I will get through those doors, and I know, I’ll feel better for it.

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  1. Christopher McGuinness. says:

    Keep up the hard work homie!


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