Spin Kicks, Afros & Bisping

Alex-Caceres-Yair-RodriguezCaceres showing Rodriguez he’s not the only creative one in the Octagon

If you’re looking to get into MMA and wish to find the most ridiculous fight possible to watch, then lucky you, as it occurred this last weekend. Yair Rodriguez Vs Alex Caceres was a spectacle, in terms of Yair’s ability to throw everything but the kitchen sink at you. Coming from a strong Taekwondo background, his kicks are ridiculous and from all angles, making him a very hard opponent to prepare for. Though, Caceres’ game plan seemed to be ‘stay the fuck away’ when he looks like he’s going to be doing some spinning technique, and then get in close and outbox him, as his boxing is better than Rodriguez’ it was interesting to see Caceres look like the more orthodox fighter, as in the past he’s been known as the wild man, throwing wild stuff, but not in this case. It was interesting also to see if Rodriguez could keep that pace up for the five rounds, as he did seem to slow down, something which will come into play as he has more main event five round fights, or championship bouts. The plus side is, that he is just 23 years of age, and will have plenty of time to prepare for them.

Dan-Henderson-Michael-Bisping-115Dan Henderson knocking out Micheal Bisping in their previous bout

In case you missed it, Michael Bisping will be defending the Middleweight title against Dan Henderson in Manchester, on October 8th at UFC 204. I love that the UFC has put together this fight, there’re so many other contenders much higher above Dan Henderson that are a bit further in line for a title shot, but, it’s a chance for Bisping to get revenge on that brutal knockout from UFC 100, and Dan Henderson claims it’s going to be his swansong, so why the fuck not. Tickets go on sale next week, and it will probably sell out very quickly. As the UFC card in London did earlier this year. Though, the headline fight will be taking place at 5am, to cater for the American PPV crowd, bloody yanks. So get a nap in before you head to the Arena. Hopefully, I’ll be seeing you there.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 12.57.50

I managed to finish off John Kavanagh’s autobiography this week, if you don’t know who he is, he’s widely known as Conor Mcgregors head coach. He is also one of the first BJJ Blackbelts in the UK, certainly the first in Ireland, and an all round interesting mind, who never let doubters get in the way of his dream, which was building a world class facility and fight team in Ireland, and you could certainly say he’s done that. In the book, he outlines his principles for success, a martial artists outlook on life, and it provides a curious insight to the outlandish Conor Mcgregor, and how he structures his fight camps, lifestyle and beliefs. Definitely well worth a purchase if you’re into the great minds of MMA.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 12.58.16

More Jiu Jitsu this week for me, managed to get in on Monday and felt great, my mind felt sharp and also physically in shape, it’s amazing what a couple of days rest for the body and soul can do for you, I feel revitalised and raring to go, hopefully signing up for some competitions with the other lads later on in the year too. Off to Portugal next week, going to try and sneak some mat time in at a gym over there, I’ll let you know how that goes.

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