CM Punk and the MMA Dream


Well well well, who’d have thought that someone with zero MMA, Striking, Grappling or even amateur wrestling experience wouldn’t do well in the UFC. Yet, for a second, we all stared in wonder, at a Mr. Phil Brooks, more commonly known as CM Punk, and thought, just what if! What if, someone with no experience, two years training under his belt, can come into the UFC and maul someone. Obviously, we saw what happened, he got put on his ass and choked out. Not surprising at all, as his opponent, among many things, is a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (for the uninitiated, this is one step below a black belt, the highest rank) and Mr. Punk, well, he’s a white belt. As am I, and when I roll with brown belts, I feel like my limbs are simply a plaything for my opponent to destroy at will.

We all knew this, we could have put a bet on for everything we own on what we thought was going to happen, it was that transparent, yet, we still said What if, we all had that secret little hope that something magical might happen, and you know why? It’s because of the MMA dream. Now even the most casual MMA fan, has, at one point, thought, what if. What if that guy was me. What if I had all the money in the world, could quit my job, I could go and train at one of the best Gyms in the world, how would I fare? Could I tap into some magical force that’s within me, and, on the biggest stage in the world, could I possibly, win? Well, I guess, now we know.


It took a Pro Wrestler, with all the money in the world, a very very high caliber gym, and a nonstop work ethic to show, to its credibility, that the UFC is not just simply something that the regular man can walk into and come out in one piece. Now, this could have gone a couple of ways, as, imagine if Mr. Punk had won, and smashed this guy, proving that all the ground skills and time and effort he’d put into the training had been worthless, where does that leave us, the general public, and the UFC standing? Will we then end up with Rockstars, Billionaires (Bill Gates Vs Axl Rose, anyone?) and anyone else with time and money to spare entering into the UFC just to see if they can? As this is something that we’ve all wondered. I’ve always rooted for the underdog, and had a little bit of hope in my heart that Punk might have done some damage, and proved to us that it is possible, keeping us ever so connected to that little bit of hope, that if we had tried, we could have gotten in that cage ourselves, and beat someone. Obviously, this wasn’t the case, though, and the more thought I put into it, I realised, that it makes high-level MMA SO MUCH better. As surely, now, we see, how it takes a lifetime of preparation, a scope of genetics, such a strong mind, will and work ethic to get to where the Champions of MMA are today, and the fact that we get to sit and watch, drinking a beer, talking about what he or she should have done, and how we would have done it better, we get to watch these guys, throw everything they have, at each other, for that one moment of pride, and it’s amazing.

I probably have some people reading this, that are MMA fighters/kickboxers/boxers and are going for that dream, and think that this is a ridiculous way of looking at things, but here’s to you, for having the balls to go in and putting it all on the line, for people like me to be able to sit back and enjoy. As for now, I’m sticking to BJJ Comps.

So I guess, in a way, we all have to thank CM Punk, for simultaneously crushing our dreams, but also making us very self-aware, that even a superstar, gets tapped out, just as easily as us.

I realise that since the last time I wrote something, Mcgregor edged Diaz in a decision, Carlos Condit got choked out super slickly by Demian Maia, and one of my favourite brawlers, Lawler, lost his title, and probably a fair bit of his short term memory via Tyron Woodleys hand. All great interesting fights if you want to go back and watch some! I managed to get some tickets to UFC Manchester, to see what happens when an old dog with a title stumbles across another old dog on the verge of retirement, either way, I’m glad for the re-match, as it’s fun as fuck.

Keep on Dreamin’

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