The biggest fight ever.


It’s finally happening. The biggest combat sports event in recent memory. The Notorious Conor Mcgregor has managed to drag Floyd Mayweather kicking and screaming out of retirement to light up the world of boxing once more. I’m not here to technically break down the fight itself, there’s simply too little information to go on. You can imagine all of the outcomes you want, nobody knows what’s going to happen inside that ring. We have never seen Mcgregor box before. Even just the premise is ludicrous. Yet here he is, about to face off with the best boxer we have ever seen. Ever. Logic tells us, that when somebody has never boxed before, and they go up against someone who’s record is 49-0 and a multiple time world champion, they’re probably going to get hurt. Not just hurt, embarrassed.

So why are we thinking any different? Well, first of all, Mcgregor isn’t just your average man on the street, he’s a two weight class UFC Champion. The pinnacle of combat sports, and, he does such a good job of proving everybody wrong, how can you count him out? When he was due to face Aldo, I thought he was going to finally get outclassed as a striker. Nope! Wrong, knocked the world champion out in under a minute with one of the smoothest left hooks you’ve ever seen. Eddie Alvarez? He toyed with him like a cat with a mouse, who then finally decided to jump from first gear to second after the first round to put him out of his misery. He has consistently shut up every one of the naysayers in the MMA world and proved them all wrong. We all know that boxing is a different beast, but just imagine if he can shut the whole boxing world up. The fallout is unprecedented. Can a man that was collecting Irish welfare checks just four years ago be a two-weight class world MMA champion and also beat the best boxer ever to grace the face of the Earth? If anyone can do it, Conor Mcgregor can. It’s such a big IF though. The UFC being a co-promoter obviously helps too. They are absolute masters at selling fights, in that even with the biggest underdogs, with their behind the scenes footage and well-narrated build up pieces they make you believe that the challenger, for any fight they are promoting has a chance of winning. Conor has just that, a chance. When he gloves up, we know that he has the power to knock anybody out that’s his size (or smaller, in Mayweathers case) but can he connect?

The beauty of this fight is that it epitomises and captivates us in a way never seen before. Mcrgegor gives us hope. Hope that the impossible can be possible. Hope that the average, blue collar working man, can rise from nothing to absolute greatness. Is that not the heroes journey epitomised in an athlete? are we not watching Rocky play out before our eyes in real life? Is it not everything we dream of being possible in our own lives? This is the sheer beauty of this spectacle.

This fight has the potential ramifications to change the entire face of the combat sports world. What we are about to see could shift everything. If Conor wins, will boxing ever be the same again? How many will attempt to follow in his path? If Mayweather wins, will we all calm down and come to our senses that Conor is actually, just a human being? I don’t know, but that’s the beauty of it, the goddamn soul of this fight is that we are stepping into the unknown. Whatever happens tonight, things will not be the same afterwards, and I, for one, cannot wait to see how it unfolds.

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